1. Acolytes
    London, UK
  2. Basic House
    Gateshead, UK
  3. Bass Clef
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  4. The Bomber Jackets
    London, UK
  5. Cam Deas
    London, UK
  6. CARRE
    Tokyo, Japan
  7. Chain Of Flowers
    Cardiff, UK
  8. Christoph de Babalon
    Berlin, Germany
  9. Cremation Lily
    Hastings, UK
    London, UK
  11. Croatian Amor
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  12. Cube
    Oakland, California
  13. Damien Dubrovnik
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  14. Helm
    London, UK
  15. Fabulous Diamonds
    Melbourne, Australia
  16. Hey Colossus
    London, UK
  17. Hieroglyphic Being
    Chicago, Illinois
  18. JS Aurelius
    Phoenix, Arizona
  19. Nick Klein
    New York, New York
  20. Love Theme
  21. Low Life
    Sydney, Australia
  22. Low Life
    Sydney, Australia
  23. Lumisokea
    Berlin, Germany
  24. Malvern Brume
    London, UK
  25. M Ax Noi Mach
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  26. The Pheromoans
  27. PRIVAT
    Vienna, Austria
  28. Ravioli Me Away
  29. Shallow Sanction
    London, UK
  30. Tomutonttu
    Tampere, Finland
  31. Trevor
    Melbourne, Australia
  32. Uniform
    New York, New York
  33. Richard Youngs
    Glasgow, UK
  34. Microcorps
    London, UK


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